What is PSI?

PSI Exams Online is a national provider for state licensing exams. If your licensing exam is administered through PSI Exams Online, it means they manage and administer your state’s licensing exam.


Candidate Information Bulletins

PSI works with each state real estate commission to provide a Candidate Information Bulletin for each state that includes information about the exam and application process for becoming licensed in your state. Learn more »

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National & State Portions

The real estate examinations offered by PSI Exams Online consist of a state and national portion. You must pass both portions to apply for a license.

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Which States Use PSI for Licensing Exams?


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PSI/AMP Contact Info

PSI licensure:certification
3210 E Tropicana
Las Vegas, NV 89121
800.733.9267 • Fax 702.93.2666


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